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8 ways to make a difference

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

  1. Support our Ukraine response! We are actively delivering food to areas no other Ngo has went!

  2. Sponsor a Haitian child's education. Either by a monthly donation or annually. We will pair you up and send updates monthly!

3. Donate to our Fresh Start program so all the children in our schools receive a breakfast

4. Buy tools for our Haitian community and school gardens!

5. Sponsor a solar food dehydrator for the women who sell food in the market ..with next to zero refrigeration. They lose 60% of their hard work. Dehydration saves it for future days and adds another thing for them to sell!!

6. Water collection systems for households. This enables them to access clean water as well as water their gardens!

7. Fundraise for us!! This is huge. Whether a bake sale or a car wash or a walkathon. Every cent goes to making all the above possible!

8. Light up a child's life!! Most Haitian households don't have electricity and doing homework is usually either under a village street light if there is one or worse by candlelight if the family has the resources. The solar lights we buy last several years and are extremely tough and retain bright light.

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